Advertisement Terms

NET 20 DAYS FROM DATE OF INVOICE. Rates are net unless otherwise indicated. Finance charge at a MONTHLY RATE of 1.5% is added to contracted balance if unpaid for 30 days. This is an annual percentage rate of 18%.

This is an order and authorization to secure advertising space with Journal Communications Inc.
In the event the Advertiser or Agency needs to cancel the contracted advertising space, the Advertiser or Agency is required to submit written notice of cancellation within 7 days of contract, via certified mail, to Publisher.

In the event the Advertiser or Agency fails to adhere to the deadline for submitting ad materials as stated, Publisher will run a previous ad or run the Advertiser’s name and address in the space committed for.
Publisher reserves the right to hold the Agency and/or Advertiser jointly and severally responsible for monies due and payable to Publisher. It is further agreed that the Agency and/or Advertiser will pay a reasonable collection/ attorney’s fee in the event that it is necessary to place this account in the hands of a collection agency/attorney for collection for any reason. Venue for any disputes arising hereunder shall be at Williamson County, Tennessee. Tennessee Law shall govern all provisions of this contract. The Agency agrees that it is acting for its disclosed principal, the Client, and as such binds itself and the Client to the terms and conditions of this contract. Agency shall be liable for payment of sums due hereunder.

Publisher may look to either Agency or Advertiser for payment. Payment by Advertiser to Agency does not alleviate obligation of Advertiser to Publisher for payment in full. The Publisher is not responsible for any errors in type set by the Publisher for advertisements that have been proofed and approved by the Advertiser or its Agency.

A PDF color proof will be emailed for approval prior to publication for all original ads. Changes requested by the Advertiser and/or Agency on this proof will be provided at no charge, and a second proof will be emailed if requested. Any changes requested by the Advertiser subsequent to the second proof will be billed for production time at an hourly rate (minimum $50).

Journal Communications Inc. does not provide a proof for ads submitted digitally or as film. Ad content subject to Publisher’s approval. It is understood the Advertiser and/or Agency has approved the material prior to its receipt. Publisher will conclude that the files are set up as Advertiser and/or Agency intends them to be produced and we will output the ad as supplied. Publisher is not responsible for the final quality of the ad. If there is a pre-press problem with the submitted digital file, any extra charges incurred will be billed to the Advertiser and/or Agency with a detailed explanation of the problem.

Production Specifications

For submitted digital files, our free services include checking Advertiser- and/or Agency-submitted files to ensure they meet our specifications for magazine printing. Journal Communications is not responsible for enhancing your digital files, resizing to match ad space purchased or proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors. The quality of submitted digital files is the responsibility of the submitter.

If files deviate from the size or specifications on the Digital Submission form, the files will be rejected and must be resubmitted. Please proof your ad carefully before submission. Resubmitted files will be subject to a $50 processing fee.
We do not provide a proof for ads we did not produce. It is understood that the files are set up as the Advertiser intended and were approved prior to submission to Journal Communications Inc.
Any extra charges incurred by Journal Communications Inc. due to problems with supplied files will be billed to the Advertiser with a detailed explanation of the problem.

Journal Communications Inc. can assist in producing an original ad. Advertiser and/or Agency should provide a basic layout with all necessary materials to produce ad. The advertising salesperson will assist in this process.Journal’s Ad Production division provides basic typesetting and design services for original ads free of charge. These do not include services that an advertising agency would provide. Journal Communications’ free basic typesetting and design services include:
• typing customer-provided text
• choosing a visually pleasing, professional font
• placing logo and/or photos in provided layout

Custom production work, such as cleaning up rough logos, resetting logos, drawing maps and outlining photos, can be performed at an extra charge. Custom work is billed at $75/hour.

Custom photo work, such as feathering, fading or custom edging, can be performed at a fixed rate per photo. Please note: All charges/rates listed are subject to change.

• All ads produced by the publisher are formatted in the style approved by the magazine client.
• Visit for specifications and submission guidelines.
• A low res color PDF proof will be emailed prior to publication.
• Custom production work available at an hourly rate of $75/hour

Please note: All charges/rates listed are subject to change.

Visit for submission guidelines

For enhancements that include a logo, new logos must be submitted by the materials deadline on the contract. Logos that are not received by the deadline will receive a standard logo to be determined by the Publisher.